Our Origin: A Spark of Creativity

In 2013, a simple school competition sparked an idea that would soon ignite the world of gifts: "How much can you fit in a matchbox?" This question led Hayley and Emma, two inventive minds who met at the school gates, to transform a fun challenge into a thriving business. Today, In A Matchbox has evolved from a clever concept into a unique gift company, celebrated for its creativity and thoughtfulness.

Hayley & Emma

Why Choose In A Matchbox for Your Store?

Dedicated Wholesale Program: Uniquely placed as a small gift with a small foot print and an irresistible impulse buy our matchboxes sit well in a book store, museum shop, flower store, art gallery, craft centre as well as conventional gift boutiques. We are the sole wholesale suppliers of these adorable products which are designed and produced in house. 

Creatively Crafted: We develop all our products in house, with Emma and Hayley constantly reviewing and placing their unique perspective on the latest trends, ideas and products in gift giving with exciting content and inspirational messages. As well as the creative aspects, production of each matchbox is carefully monitored to ensure it complies with all safety and ethical regulations and is robust enough to be ‘a letterbox gift’ at a competitive price.

Regular New Releases: We produce new products at least once a month, and can send samples of new products with your regular order. The current range is reviewed monthly and updated if necessary to stay on trend and fresh.

Global Reach, Local Touch: We have been regularly supplying to wholesalers in the USA, Europe and Australia for over 6 years from Gidea Park in Essex, and ensure our all products comply with local regulations. Either Emma or Hayley will always be on hand to deal with any queries you may have, be it the minefield that is tariff codes or a last minute change to your order.

Stock Ready for Dispatch: We dispatch 99% of orders within 5 days by DHL. We keep a minimum stock to be able to fulfil most orders. If we need to make the stock for your order, we will contact you with an updated dispatch date. We have the capacity to turn round thousands of products within a couple of weeks and larger orders can usually be fulfilled within four weeks.

Dedicated Support: We aim to get back to you within 4 hours, weekdays and twelve hours at weekends with a personal reply and usually a solution if there is an issue.

Retailer-Friendly Policies: We know every business is unique so as well as a low minimum spend, you can order as little as one product in your order. With many options available we ensure you get the best price and service according to your needs whether it is a showcase display of a few selected items or a large batch order of one product to supplement another part of your business. You will have access to our gallery of product photos to use on your own website and promotional material. We are happy to place an embargo on your immediate area to ensure you are the sole retailer in your area.

Proven Appeal: Our products have a track record of delighting customers of all ages, making them perfect for a wide range of retail environments.

Sustainable and Ethical: Reduce, re-use, recycle is the very essence of our business with ‘less is more’ our company watch word. All packaging in our production process is reused wherever possible. Plastic is eliminated wherever possible and is constantly under review. Our suppliers are similarly small businesses with values in line with our own. Supplies are only imported if unavailable in the UK or the original source is outside the UK and we maintain a personal connection with all our suppliers. We support British Workers and the minimum wage, flexible working hours and working from home ensuring our workers enjoy a healthy work/home life balance. Our products made from wool comply with the approved animal husbandry practises.

Partners in Your Success: Our matchboxes have a very small footprint and our specially designed POS fits snugly onto any counter or spare shelf space whether you are a café, bookshop, museum store or boutique.

Ready to Light Up Your Store with In A Matchbox?

We're excited to embark on this journey with you. For more information, or if there's anything specific you need, our team is always here to help. Contact us at trade@inamatchbox.com