Salvation Army
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Salvation Army

The Story: The Salvation Army wanted a souvenir gift for their 150th Anniversary celebrations at the O2 Exhibition in London. In 1891 the founder, William Booth, opened a matchbox factory to highlight the plight of women and children working in appalling factory conditions at the time. The factory revolutionised wages and working conditions in the matchbox industry. 

The Matchbox: The Salvation Army wanted to recreate the matchbox from that factory. Using a very tattered copy of the original design and colours we restored the artwork to its full glory. The box was covered in political messages and statements about fair wages and working conditions. 

Salvation ArmyThe Details: Inside we had a customised torch keyring to go with the 'Lights in Darkest England' message and a miniature recreation of War Cry, the Salvation Army newspaper which had the story of the original Matchbox Factory workers. We also had a prayer card with a copy of William Booth's signature.


salvation army 2


Universal - Chance Moral Match

The Story: Universal were throwing a launch party at BT Tower for a new series starring Hugh Laurie, and wanted a gift for the VIPs.

The Matchbox:  All images and logos were supplied and we designed the artwork for the box.

The Details: 60 boxes were needed and the programme was about a chance love affair. The contents were ice breaker cards and a Purple Heart chocolate.

The Story: wanted a corporate gift for their 'Make, Do and Meet' events up and down the country. The conferences were for partners to meet up and exchange tips and ideas with NOTHS staff as well as networking with other NOTHS partners. Our deadline - two weeks!


make do and meet


The Matchbox: We created a matchbox label and contents from scratch using the colours and type faces. The matchbox was designed to be an ice-breaker to get people talking.

The Details: Inside we had a ballon with a customised slogan and corporate artwork, a button badge printed with a conversation opener and a personal message from the Chairman. Again, the whole of the insides were designed to co-ordinate with the NOTHS colours and style.



We were also asked to supply a matchbox for the regional conferences which contained icebreakers and two chocolates.


Jason Byrne Magic

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The Story: A matchbox containing magic tricks was required for Jason's Magic Shop

 The Matchbox: We already had done a magic set in a matchbox but it was greatly improved by a professional magician and the artwork was created by Jason Byrne's own art designer. 

The Details: 300 were supplied to Jason empty except for a card trick and Jason's team packed the rest of the matchbox.